CTEngine communication platform

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Key features

  • Software based telephony B2B and B2C custom solutions and services
  • VoIP and TDM trunking
  • On-Premise or Cloud-based
  • Hardware & OS independent
  • Modular architecture

Differences from the competitors

  • Runs on any OS/hardware
  • Cloud based hosted services
  • Tailored and DIY services
  • Supports protocol and codec switching

Case study

“The flexibility of the CTRouter will help us as well to reach our next goal – all telephony will be hosted in the cloud as soon as ISDN is not needed any more.”

Roger Schärli
Roger Schärli CTO


  • Software telecommunication platform – modular architecture
  • Use our existing solutions, order custom and tailored ones or create your own
  • Connect to other devices: Gateways, SIP servers, telephones, softphones
  • Communicate via API: REST HTTP(S) and WS(S)
  • Provided real-time web monitoring & controlling
  • Integrate with your existing system


  • Call routing software solution
  • Gateway and router in one
  • Interconnect and organize your telecom infrastructure at one place
  • Simple definition of routing rules
  • Supports failovers
  • Real-time web managed


  • Order from us or create telephony services yourself
  • WCC Demo – web-based call center solution
  • JavaScript libraries for integration to any existing web site:
    • WCC.js – web call center
    • C2C.js – click-2-call
  • Alarm! – monitor your events and let us alert the right people via phone call
  • Custom solutions – Conferencing, Chatting, IVR, Pay-By-Phone

This project was co-financed by Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020